Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valleyisms: The Ratio

The Ratio.  It never ceases to amaze me: the number of Latter-day Saint congregations versus other churches here.

This is a photo I took after climbing Squaw Mountain in November.  It shows a section of north Provo along with a sliver of east Orem.  Near the center of the picture is the building where I work part-time.  If you zoom in and you know what to look for, you'll count at least nine LDS meeting houses.  Each of these chapels hosts two or three LDS wards (congregations).  (The size of a ward varies, but if we can trust Wikipedia, it's typically between 200-500 people.)  To the best of my knowledge, the only church of any other type located within the frame of this photo is the lone small Lutheran church in the city.

That's a congregation ratio of something like 21:1.  Do you know of anywhere else in the U.S. like this?

To live here, one must all but dismiss any notions of American diversity.  But you can always, like me, work out the angst of this by climbing a mountain.

Only in Utah Valley.

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