Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Farming and Ministry

This intimate song from Peter Rowan evokes all kinds of memories and feelings for me.

Among them, this biblical thought (see I Corinthians 3)...
How much in common has the gospel ministry with farming!

You bust the sod,
You trust in God,
And you work night and day.

"Barefoot Country Road"
from Dust Bowl Children, Peter Rowan


  1. Nice, Karis. This man is talented. I never heard of him before, so I feel like I won a prize or something. I took a gander on youtube and found a remake of a Bob Marley classic that Mr. Rowan did. It was excellent reggae wich is hard to do. Ha! But, I really loved the song you linked to. I am going to plug this man into my Pandora player. Good stuff. Thanks.

  2. You are most welcome, Jason. Peter Rowan is a gem.

  3. I called you Karis....ooooops! A lady at work calls me John. That is my brother's name. I told her that only my mom calls me John. ha...sorry about that.


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