Monday, September 8, 2014

The Sketch Book

A year ago, I started keeping a sketch book with my Bible and journal.  There's also a pouch full of assorted pens and markers close by.  (The pouch has "Ford" inscribed on the front; it used to hold a car owner's manual and is the only remnant I have of my beloved Bubbles.)

Here's my one rule for the sketch book: Bible verses or passages only.  No doodles, no poetry, no Origami.  (A blank page of paper holds so much possibility!)

I have found my quiet times to be so enriched by the creative, kinesthetic practice of writing out bits of Scripture.  It makes each word soak into my mind in a way that simply reading doesn't do.  Even more importantly, it's an act of worship.  A verse may strike me with such poignancy that I can't help but copy it down and add some color and flourish, as if to say, Look, Father!  Look at this beautiful thing You have said!  What a magnificent Book You have written.

Have your daily quiet times gone a little stale?  Try adding an element of creativity.  You will be blessed; even better, the Lord will be blessed.


  1. Did a certain Psalms book help seed this idea? It's a great idea. Especially for someone with your artistic bent. Perhaps it'll be publishable when you become famous! (Or anyway...)

  2. Merri: Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful time with your mom visiting.

    MaLu: Timothy Botts' art is full of inspiration, so it probably did play a part. But don't bank your retirement on my getting published!

  3. What a beautiful idea I just might have to start my own little book of writing the Word of God in fancy ways like that to look upon and soak up.

    You also make me laugh about bubbles because I totally understand...I miss my blue Jasmine at times. Glad to know I am not the only one that names my cars and develops a relationship with them. :) lol just typing that sounds weird doesn't it? haha

  4. Sarah, you are so full of creative and meaningful ideas; I'm glad I can give one to you for a change!

    And your blue Jasmine sounds enchanting. I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet her.


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