Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet Sorrow

Hard as leaving Utah was, there was a sweetness to the days leading up to my move on March 13.

Due to a mild winter, I could be outdoors often savoring moments like these:

Last hike: Slate Canyon

Last peaceful sunset at Utah Lake

One last walk on a favorite stretch of road
_ _ _

And then there were the goodbyes.  Some were to new friends, like Melissa.

 Others were to long-time friends and teammates, like Char.

Each goodbye was a reminder of the unexpectedly rich fellowship I've enjoyed in Utah.  I don't remember having more than a passing moment of loneliness this last decade.  God-given friends like Lydia were the reason.
_ _ _

I was shown great kindness, grace, and generosity as I prepared to move.  One dear friend volunteered her day off and her truck to haul stuff to the thrift store.  Another made sure I had one more helping of lomo saltado at a favorite restaurant, and then came to my rescue for the final cleaning of my apartment.  My church hosted a farewell brunch, and Key Radio held an open house.  Listeners wrote lovely notes.  One even brought his ukulele and sang to me.  People presented me with gift cards and checks and snacks for my trip and a beautiful coffee table book featuring pictures of—what else?—Utah.

Shakespeare had it right: parting is such sweet sorrow.  As I type this two weeks later, on the cusp of a new adventure, it is the sweetness that I remember most.  I am grateful.
_ _ _

Good-by to the life I used to live,
And the world I used to know;
And kiss the hills for me, just once;
Now I am ready to go! 

- "Farewell" by Emily Dickinson

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